I walked around and spoke to several people that were in clean up mode the day after the Downtown Raleigh rioting on Friday, May 29th. Many people brought their own cleaning supplies to remove graffiti, broken glass and debris. Businesses were on lockdown; boarding up windows, reinstalling security cameras and deploying employees to watch guard. I was fortunate enough to snap a few photos and talk to several people out and about.

Raleigh Riots

This gentleman was pressure washing graffiti off of the Wake County Court House building. He told me I wasn’t the only one that took his photo that day!

This kid was skateboarding down Fayetteville Street, weaving in and out of service trucks.

I’ve never seen so many inspirational sayings and quotes written in chalk all over the roads and sidewalks in Raleigh!

Families pulled together to help clean up Raleigh.

Raleigh Riots

I loved seeing this couple speaking with Raleigh police.

Many people brought their own supplies to help clean up the graffiti and debris from the aftermath of the riots.